The Importance of Getting Your Tree Trimmed

     Trimming is an important part of taking care of a tree. It’s a very delicate practice that leads to a healthy, good looking tree. When trimming a tree, it’s important to trim the branches right at the start of the growth. When you have the stem of the branch, you must cut it by the staring growth, not the middle of the branch. If you trim it in the middle of the branch, it’ll cause the tree to grow abnormally. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern where you should cut the branches of your tree, which is why you should always contact a professional tree trimmer to properly cut your trees. 

     When cutting the branches of the tree, it’s important to not cut too big of a branch. Trees only have so much energy to give into regrowing parts. For many trees, cutting a branch that’s bigger than 2-4 inches wide will result in a tree struggling to fix the wound made. The tree may not be able to make a cap over the wound, meaning that it could decay and die. A traumatized tree could also lead to the growth of fewer roots, which in turn leads to an unhealthy tree.

     Once a branch has been trimmed, the action cannot be reversed. The tree may be able to grow new branches, but if the tree was trimmed in an improper way, these branches will be weak and could die off.

     When done properly, however, pruning can be massively beneficial to the tree. Pruning properly leads to new growth by the tree and additional branches. Trees should be trimmed when they are young, as this is when the most benefits will be seen. It’s also much cheaper and easier to trim a small tree. If the tree is properly trimmed when it is young, it will need less pruning as it ages.

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